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Welcome to Ann-Hua Chinese School

快讯:在刚刚结束的“全美青少年中华才艺大赛”首届“华舞杯”舞蹈大赛中,安华舞蹈队脱颖而出,取得优异成绩。双人舞《倒影》在来自全美的19个15-18岁组代表队中获得二等奖,群舞《爵士春江夜》在全美22个12-14岁组代表队中获得三等奖,群舞《青春小鸟》获得8-11岁组鼓励奖。热烈祝贺安华舞蹈队所有队员和老师,同时衷心感谢所有家长和安华校委会为这次比赛所付出的努力。

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  Academic Programs

Chinese language for heritage Chinese speakers (K-12); Chinese language for Chinese as Second Language speakers (youth & adult); Cultural classes and activities. Read More...

  Rainbow Project

Philanthropy for a brighter future – support poor children in rural China go to school and promote friendship between the youth of United States and China. Read More...

  Annhua Activity Center

Serving parents and surrounding community with social activities and services, such as cultural event organization, Visa services, and student activities outside of classroom.   Read More...